Leveraging strategic partnerships, Vecto provides the following services:

Supply of fuel to the agricultural industry

Vecto supplies fuel to the agricultural industry through its association with Laeveld Agrochem, a leading supplier of crop protection products, fertilizers and associated inputs to the South African farming community. This partnership has provided Vecto with rapid penetration into a largely captive market.

Delivery of fuel

Vecto’s fleet of tankers delivers fuel from the depots to all customers, while third party logistics companies deliver full loads of fuel directly to large customers and the Vecto depots.

Adaptation of diesel engines

Diesel engines can be adapted to allow for the injection of liquid petroleum gas. Through a partnered company Diesel Gas Africa, Vecto guarantees a fuel saving of 10-20% for large transport fleets using this adaptation.

Fleet Management Solutions

The real-time, web-based GPS systems enable clients to electronically monitor fleet performance and safeguard, manage and track vehicles. Vecto has partnered with Fleettrack in order to provide clients with a full suite of fleet management capabilities.

Fleet benefits

Fleet vehicles can re-fuel at wholesale prices at any one of Vecto’s nationwide depots by using a simple pin number.

Management of fuel consumption

Using a cloud-based solution customers can manage their full range of petroleum needs; monitoring usage per vehicle, measuring tank levels and making use of automatic re-order and order tracking services.