and vary your diet program accordingly.

your diet

The Basics of Contest Dieting

The best way to simplify your dieting is not to allow yourself to

get too far overweight in the first place.

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For a middle- or lightweight bodybuilder, ten to fifteen pounds over contest weight

should be considered maximum in most cases; for a heavyweight,

fifteen to twenty pounds is the most I would recommend.

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In my

own career, I always lowered my body weight gradually, cutting

out fattening foods in ,my diet steroids for bodybuilding for sale and subjecting myself to lots of

hard, calorie-consuming training and exercise.

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As you gradually

body weight

reduce your calorie intake and begin to bum up additional calories through exercise, the fat will start to melt away.

As you go along, gradually make your diet stricter.

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Cut back

and watch to see if weight loss occurs.

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If it does not, cut back

further. As long as you are losing fat, stay at that dietary level.

Remember, though, a too restricted diet for too long can cost

you lean body mass as well as fat. Also, when you try to function

for long periods of time on 1,200 or 1,500 calories, your metabolism tends to slow down and use up less energy. It is a good idea,

however, to cut way down every few days-maybe to as low as

body weight

900 to 1,200 calories-just to “shock anabolic steroids” the body a little with this

unfamiliar demand.

There are certain other minimums which ought to be observed:

(1) Do not take in less than 1 gram of protein for every kilo (2.2

pounds) of body weight; and (2) include a minimum of 60 to 80