VECTO Petroleum is an advanced energy resource company striving to find easy, accessible solutions for all sectors.

Whether it be Petrol, Diesel or 50ppm Diesel; Vecto is a supplier that endeavours to exceed customer expectations and to meet market value. The company is grounded in firm business principles and methodologies.

Transport and logistics has become an integral part of modern day business. Without the dedicated supply of quality fuel to enable mobility and fluidity in most operations; successful enterprises and society will quite literally come to a standstill.

Vecto Рmeaning to carry, drive or travel Рis an energy & resource attach̩ backed up by revolutionary new products, boundless research & development and superb after-sales service.

“VECTO Petroleum is an advanced energy resource company striving to find easy, accessible solutions for all sectors.”

The Company

Vecto Petroleum (Pty) Ltd (Vecto) operates as an independent fuel wholesaler, primarily focusing on the supply of clean diesel. With a network of fuel depots across South Africa further augmented by a series of strategic corporate partnerships, the company has created a number of routes to market, delivering the exceptional growth rate.

Vecto caters to a wide variety of customers operating across a broad range of industries throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries. These include agriculture, mining, logistics, aviation, manufacturing, forestry, and municipal customers. To facilitate further growth and to meet the ever-growing demand
for their services, Vecto is seeking a strategic investor.

Future Growth Strategy

  • Forge working partnerships with large international fuel and oil supply companies, to secure supply and
    gain margin
  • Capitalise on the growth in demand for fuel in developing African countries and continue to expand the depot network in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland
  • Actively pursue long-term fuel contracts with mining companies
  • Win tenders for a range of Eskom stand-by open cycle diesel turbine power plant fuel contracts
  • Receive a permanent allocation of diesel and petrol from Sasol, allowing for the consistent supply of higher fuel volumes
  • Create a network of independent petrol stations and 5 star truck stops across South Africa and neighbouring countries
  • Integrate further into the agricultural client base of Laeveld Agrochem, as well as the rest of the farming
  • Develop a fleet of Vecto tankers to reduce the costs of outsourcing the transport of products